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TWW and the Velo Bellas do Downieville!

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Hot Bellas on Bikes....and riding stuff too.

Team Wrong Way and the always fine Velo Bellas joined forces for a excellent riding trip to Downieville. Three great days and three excellent rides!
Friday we rode from Union Flat campground to Packer Saddle and came down Butcher Ranch, 3rd and 1st Divide.
Saturday we rode the Lakes Basin trails up to the top of Mt Elwell, down to Graeagle Lodge, took the Lily Creek trail back to the Lakes Basin Campground and then back to Gold Lakes Lodge.
Sunday we took the Yuba Expeditions shuttle to Packer Saddle, climbed up to the overlook on Big Boulder, descended down to 3rd Divide, climbed back up and went down 2nd Divide and then 1st Divide back to town.

Making the master plan for Saturday's ride

Heather climbing up the Elwell trail

Meredith shows her true feelings about hike-a-biking

Paul, Jenny, Frank, Jason, Heather, Kyle, Meredith

More hike-a-bike

Kyle blasting down the rocky trail on his Blur

Paul showing he has skills too

Heather showing that the Bellas can ride rocks too!

This is the view you are treated to after climbing and hiking for 3 hours

We sat up here for an hour and enjoyed the view during lunch

Paul enjoying the sweet descent down the back of the mountain

Frank on the rock wall ride

Meredith is smiling....for now. She doesn't know that there is more hike-a-bike to come.

The scenery was spectacular on the whole ride

Meredith and Valerie relax by the waterfall

After the ride Meredith was all smiles but still wouldn't show her tattoo

After the ride we all relaxed around the campfire

Sunday's ride on Big Boulder. Here is Nick showing his skills at the overlook

Kyle, Jeff, Franck, Nick, Meredith, Paul, Jenny, Frank

OK...I'm happy now.

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Where's Sabine and Alyse? I thought they said they were going to be there, and they would see me there! Ohhh, now I get it. :rolleyes:

Nice shot of the waterfall- that looks very inviting as I sit here in the valley heat.

So, we had a VB defector in our camp. Here she is.


P.S. The rear shock worked great over the weekend. Please tell whomever worked on it he/she did a splendid job. Thanks again.


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Pan views from the top

This is a pan shot from Mt. Elwell

and the waterfall

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We must have just been...

ahead of you guys most of the day. We rode out from Dville and climbed up from Union flat at about 8:30am and up and over Big Boulder and down Third and First. Great weather on Sunday, much cooler than Auburn!

Thanks for the pictorial......
Elwell ride profile

You think the climb was steep? It was well worth the effort!!


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