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Hello all. I hope you all enjoy this build thread. This build came about as i read the "do we really need all that ravel" thread. It got me thinking that a longish travel 29er would be a perfect sled for my local trails. so i started stringing thoughts together, some coherent, some ridiculous. Here Goes:

The frame is on the way. as it shipped today, actual pictures of the frame will follow. The fork will be in in about 2 weeks.

But it's time to get to work!

DSC_2053 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

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as i've sourced parts for this build from my existing bikes, here are some photos of the donor bikes. (note: i have mismatched wheelsets on the F29 and Inbred ebcause i hadn't laced the Arch hoops to the lefty hub in front yet before deciding to go for this build.)

Donor Bikes:
'12 Scott Spark Pro 29er. this is where the components will come from primarily, save a couple things here and there, and the wheelset, the frame and fork will be for sale.

DSC_2015 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

The Inbred SS 29er. the whole bike is going for sale (consolidating)

DSC_2026 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

The '13 F29 Carbon 3 (at the moment, my main ride)

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Build List:
Brakes: Avid Elixir 9RS Carbon with Carbon Levers

DSC_2017 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

Cassette: Sram PG 1070, 11-36 T

DSC_2023 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

Derlr (Rear): X.0 Carbon Long Cage

DSC_2020 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

Frame: Hammerhead Thumper 130

DSC_2064 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

Shifters: Sram X9 Trigger, multi adj., with carbon cap, with matchmaker

DSC_2018 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

Stem: Crank Bros Iodine

DSC_2028 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

Wheelset: Stan's Notubes Arch EX

DSC_2030 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

Grips: Odi Vans Grips

DSC_2057 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

Not Pictured:
Chain: Sram PC 1051
Crankset: XT 2x with dyna
Derlr (Front): X.0 High Mount
Fork: Rock Shox Revelation XX
Handlebar: truvativ boobar 780,30
Headset: Cane Creek zero stack
Pedals: Crank Bro EB3
Saddle: chromag trailmaster Ltd red leather
Seatpost: easton haven carbon
Shock Rear: Fox Float CTD Kashima
Tire (Front): Ardent 2.25 TLR/Exo
Tire (Rear): Ikon 2.20 TLR/Exo

Lastly, i cannot thank Scott from switchback bicycles enough for answering my trillion questions (even late at night, via email) within usually minutes of me corresponding with him, and for being a guy who really understands how to cater to someone's NEEDS, and not just sell a product because it's his product to sell, as i have experienced so many times in the past.

Stand by!

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Got started with the build. here are a couple shots

Here's my driveway set up as my workstation, with my build partner... of course :)

DSC_2065 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

the frame, in XL, weighs in at just over 7.4 lbs with the Maxle

DSC_2073 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

Rear wheel installed

DSC_2079 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

Rear Der., cassette, and wheel

DSC_2081 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr


DSC_2082 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

This stuff is AMAZING!

DSC_2078 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

As it stands, this was all i could get done. I'm waiting on the Fork to come in from Scott at Switchback, i'm waiting for my Front Der., cranks, and tires, to come in from the bike shop, waiting for the Handlebar to come in from amazon, and i'm waiting on my seatpost to come in from pricepoint. Lots of waiting to be done, but all in all, i should be able t get her on the trails this week. i want to figure out a way i can carry my DSLR and my hydration pack in the same backpack, but i see the consequences of any type of malfunction being catastrophic, pics and ride report will definitely come soon, though. in the meantime, feel free to comment.

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Some random pictures from ride number one:

disclaimer, i put an old 175mm XT crank i have on for the ride, along with a random parts bin saddle, seat post, and handlebar. the finished bike will have black 180mm xt cranks, truvativ boobar handlebar, easton haven carbon seatpost, and chromag trailmaster saddle... use your imaginations until the next update :)

getting ready to ride

DSC_2090 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

My top secret way to prevent chain slap, since i haven't gotten a chain-stay protector yet... i'll never tell what it is... and there's definitely no evidence in the photo...

DSC_2086 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

trailhead, ready to roll!

DSC_2096 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

No shame in repping this hammerhead!

DSC_2102 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

and after the ride... back up on the wall preparing for the final build parts to come in.

DSC_2108 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

until next weekend...

DSC_2111 by TwoNin9r, on Flickr

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Thought you might like this:

From the first weekend of field-testing the Prototypes in Deer Valley, UT

After 3-days of chairlift runs a friend of mine bet me $20 "it doesn't climb good"
We were waiting for the next lift ride and standing at the top of the stairs down to the locker rooms.

The $20 came down to him betting me I couldn't climb stairs on it…..if you haven't climbed stairs on a bike's an awesome way to see how well a bike will climb in technical situations!

I took the $20 in product from here Wasatch Brew Pub & Brewery - Park City, Utah :)

29ers Forever
2021 Rocky Mountain Altitude A70
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I can't wait to see the finished product!
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