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Two Turners do Jiminy Peak

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Had the pleasure of riding Jiminy Peak (Hancock, Ma) on Saturday with a buddy. After a long slow drive to the mountain we encountered rain showers which were at times quite heavy. Water was running down the trail like streams and the traction was iffy at best. Most steep sections were mudslides and traction was a joke. After the first run the rain went away and the sun came out. Despite being drenched, super muddy, and not having DW links, we had fun anyway! On to the pictures...

Mud caked onto everything. My shorts were so saturated that they were falling down, take a look at what was accumulating on our saddles...

Here I am going over a slippery log and into the goo!

Joe dropping into the woods.

Steeps -> berm -> power wheelie out

Me doing my best to keep up

Doing the pterodactyl off of a little booter in the trail

And lastly Joe flying into the S-turn at mach 10.

Concluded the ride with getting bucked sideways on the launch of a drop and getting launched OTB onto my head/shoulder. Despite that little incident, fun was had by all.
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Great pictures!

I was out there on Sunday afternoon and the riding was perfect: tacky dirt and not a speck of mud on my bike until a storm rolled through around 5pm. I am amazed at how well those trails drained after all the rain we got hit with on Saturday.
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