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two simple questions, help please

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i have two minor questions i assume this is the place to ask them

1) does anyone have any info on the mavic XM117D rims? they came on my slayer and i kinda want some specs, year and weight etc

2) how are stems measured, is it center to center, or is it the whole thing? i have put a no name stem that i had lying around on my bike and it feels perfect except that the thing weighs a ton and i wanted to order a lighter stem but i dont know what size

thanks for your patience with the stupid questions ;)
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Sorry, no clue on the rims.

But stems are measured center to center, in millimeters.
thanks for the answer, thats what i thought but i just wanted to check ;)
Stem length

Stems are measured center to center, in millimeters.
I always assumed this too, but in a recent flurry of upgrades I noticed that the new ones I bought are measured from the centre of the headset to the 'start' of the handlebars.
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