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The first I hope you can help with:

1st: Buddy of mine buys a small heckler with the swinger air shock, loves the bike, however cannot get to the air fitting on the swinger at the swingarm due to frame construction and sizing. To add/subtract/check air he must remove the shock. Is there a way around this? Can an elbow of some sort be purchased and installed on the shock so he doesn't need to completely remove the shock to adjust? And if so, where?

2nd: The bike has a Fox V130 on it and during a crash the fork rotated and hit the underside of the downtube breaking off the rebound knob on the fork. Is it common on small frames for fork crowns to hit downtubes?

I ride an XL Heckler and of course don't have either of these problems.

Any input would be appreciated.

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