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to go without a front wheel (not to mention riding). So about two months ago I threw my bike on the roof rack and drove off not realizing I had left my font wheel in the parking lot....needless to say, when I realized I had left it, about 9 hours later, it was long gone. Since I'm a very poor architecture student, Christmas is coming up and I would like to build up a nice front wheel while I have some $$. oh and it's going on a rigid single speed 29er

For the hub i was thinking a hope pro 2, I know hope makes quality hubs, but is there other brands i should look at?? (can't afford kings/hadley's)

Spokes- I don't know anything about strength vs. weight and what i should use

And for the rim- I was thinking about using stans but I don't know anything about tubeless tires and so on. I will want to use a high volume tire like a wtb weirwolf Lt or similar on the front.

So please give me some recommendations, or pointers on what to get.
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