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Twisted @ 12hrs of Humboldt

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Have fun!!! I am really jealous. I hear that is a cool course.

Eat and drink lots!!!!

Give a shout back when you return!
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Is he riding on the SS?

Good luck Twisted!!!
Crank...Drink...Crank...Eat...Crank...Drink ect ect....

Good luck! I'm sure you'll kick butt.
I believe he will be riding his SS
GreenGoat said:
Crank...Drink...Crank...Eat...Crank...Drink ect ect...
With all that crank, it's no wonder you guys can do those endurance races. :rolleyes:
Save it. Family issue (i.e., a sick mother in law) has forced a cancellation. I might be headed to 12/24 of Oakridge instead just so I can do something with all these muscles. Thanks for all you well-wishes, I'll put em in my hydration pack.
Sorry to hear 'bout the cancellation. Keep up the riding for Oakridge.
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