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twist shift/ which brake system

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Equipment: juicy 5's with srams twist shift

Problem: width of twist shift makes reaching for brake lever difficult while just hanging on to grips,,,,,finger comes out and has to move inward causing severe soreness after a days ride or race.

Initial thought with present equipment was to find a longer aftermarket lever.

Am buying a new carbon Orbea Oiz (frame only) so new thought is to buy a new brakeset.
Any ideas on which brake system might have longer levers? Would one with lever in/out adjustment help to lengthen if lever was adjusted in?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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I use the same setup on 3 bikes but haven't had any issues like that. I'm sure hand size, grip design, and even setup may come into play. I'm also wondering about your lever reach adjustment...maybe out too far? From one statement in your post, it almost sounds like you're not aware that the Juicy's have a lever reach adjustment. I have some Juicy 5's on an SJ FSR.

If everything is set right on yours, you may just not be a good candidate for gripshift.
yeah, I have already reduced the reach as far as I can without brake lever bottoming out on knuckles.
One guy on the trail suggested rec. juicy 7's
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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