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Twas the night before Christmas

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and we were going to a family dinner. But I managed to get home early enough to go off for a quick local loop. So please excuse some pretty ordinary old cell phone pics for a spur of the moment TR and all the very best for your Xmas eve and a great holiday period from my neck of the woods......

A litle cruise down the road - the culverts are fun with the right winds
Nature Grass Daytime Natural environment Green

and across the main road onto the grass.

If you don't like a stadium, then knock it down. Didn't take long, but the new one will take a bit longer to build I guess
Sky Cloud Infrastructure Land lot Atmosphere

Then around the little lake and back the way we came. There's more in here than you'd guess. Only saw one fish caught on this ride and that was about 6 km in. Flathead. Good eating size.
Body of water Human Nature Recreation Water resources

Odd things pop up around here
Helicopter Rotorcraft Mode of transport Grass Natural environment

View across the fields to the hills south of here - good luck seeing them.
Nature Vegetation Grass Daytime Natural landscape

and through the golf course
Body of water Nature Vegetation Grass Natural environment

Everyone likes wildlife - a shy litte water dragon near the pole
Leaf Soil Shrub Terrestrial plant Groundcover

and trees
Branch Woody plant Trunk

Then left into the tunnel and either along the path or around the lake on the grass and into the next post


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Cruise the path or the lakeside grass and then tun right. There's a little hillock in the centre of this development and awesome riding up in those spurs in the right background
Nature Road Daytime Cloud Infrastructure

To the west over the developing thingy entity are some real hills.
Property Landscape Land lot Highland Rural area

Up to 1000m above sea level where the views can be more like ........
Nature Vegetation Natural landscape Natural environment Water resources

But here it is down to the Italiany bit and the riding gets more interesting. There's enough features here to make a MacAskill out of some little snot
Property Road Building Land lot Urban area

The tallest building in the background is 82 floors - residential - and that's where I prefer to look, cause like I said, some odd things around here.
Property Landscape Land lot Real estate Shrub

Never been game to go down below and look back....

So on and away from villages (umm)
Property Neighbourhood Landscape Residential area Real estate

Body of water Nature Natural environment Natural landscape Water resources

next post


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Fish jumping all over the place here (mullet)
Body of water Nature Daytime Water resources Cloud

Away from the ideas of others we find apparently boring terrain yet to be turned into comfortable if not luxury digs, but for now some of these boring spots offer big air, not the least being the huge platform over the other side of the bridges. Tail wind = big floater..... This place owes me a collar bone and a rib and some skin and stuff
Body of water Nature Natural landscape Natural environment Property

So down to the far end of this lake (where the flathead was caught), loop back and take one of a few ways back over to the west side of the lookout and past a little wetland
Body of water Nature Vegetation Natural landscape Natural environment

where lots of birds breed. There are some magpie geese (black and white ) and babies in this pic. They are about 1m high to give you an idea of how shite the photos really are
Vegetation Natural environment Plant community Nature reserve Terrestrial plant

Then on around the back of the golf course in another little drainage
Vegetation Nature Grass Natural environment Natural landscape

I say the golf course but there are another 4 within 5km of this one)
Nature Vegetation Grass Natural environment Plant

There's night golf here. It is very good too
Nature Night Atmosphere Photograph Landscape

So we follow the little drainage toward home. If I was in the northern hemisphere, I would be high in the mountains trying hard to find the whiteroom, but here we are firmly seated in the greenroom. And it's pretty OK too
Vegetation Nature Natural environment Plant Natural landscape

From here it's just a few little rollers back to home. So happy to get another Xmas cruise in. Who knows how many we have

Merry Xmas and may your ride be all you desire for ever after
Branch Vegetation Natural environment Forest Nature reserve
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Nice pictures for a cell phone! Thanks for posting.
Wow that looks like a fun ride and your phone takes pretty good pics
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