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I am on the market for a short trail bike/xc epic race bike (was considering Spec Camber 2014, or Ibis Ripley), was thinking about Flux 2014 27.5.
Today I saw an ad for a 2nd hand Turner Flux 2011 with 2012 components (full xt and crossmark st wheelset and 120mm fox float) for a decent price.
It sounds very attractive, but I spoke to an XC racer friend of mine and he claims that its an outdated frame design and I shouldn't buy it and look at the 27.5 or 29er options. I already have a 29er hard tail and a 26er, and I like them both, but I think a 26er is more fun (thats why I wanted the 27.5).
What do you guys think? Is the turner flux 2011 frame really outdated geometry? Is it any different than the new flux besides the wheel size?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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