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Thanks for the warm welcome!!

I had a little hang over from all the koolaid (know when to stop)

If it wasn't for all the pimped rides on this board.
Thanks Zilla and others for all the bling idea's

Think I could put some I9's on it hmm?

Decal:I wanted a yellow decal w/ a blue outline, then the guy started putting flames into it.
The flames would be more distinctive if they were old school style but maybe next time.

Maybe Jnc could do a blue ano look or blue chrome w/ a yellow outline just a thought?

Happy friday to all the Homer Nation


Time flies...
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very nice! I like the flames!
I thought about getting custom decals awhile back, just haven't gotten 'round to it yet...
I'm suprised more homers haven't done that!

...of course, it'll be tough to top the famous "Huffy" decals...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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