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jblaze7777 said:
Hey there...

Was wondering if the 02 will hold up for a rider that's over 200lbs.... Anyone out there have some experience or advice??

Depends on the use of course. I wouldn't ride it like a 6 Pack, but the O2s have beautiful Easton tube sets, are very strong frames and will take plenty of abuse. They were intended for racing, XC, and general trail riding, not big launches. You won't have a problem unless it's being ridden for an unintended use. Go for it and swap up to the X Rockers for more travel and install a 100mm fork. You basically end up with a Burner with a much lighter frame w/o the gusseted Head tube or the taco. I love mine. EDIT - here's what Dave Turner had to say about the O2 in comparison to the new Flux: "No gusset 'cause it is butted with thick front butts. We are trying to replicate the feel of the old 02. We had such good luck with the gussetless 02 in the front end we made slight changes for the longer fork and called it a day." With the O2 tubing you're getting a frame that can handle your weight no problem.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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