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I have had a long term long affair with my Ibex top which is now pretty much in tatters. It has served me well. I liked the ability of the top to keep me at a constant temperature; the only criticisms I would be it got very soggy and overstretched when wet with sweat and because of the way the fabric is made the wind whistles through you.

Replacing it has not been easy - but I finally found a top which not only matches it but exceeds it - fixing up the hassles with the old top. The basic building block of the top has got to constitute an innovation. The top is called a NEO and its from iRULE with the fabric used called Turbo Merino.

In use it has definitely dried a hell of a lot quicker than 'normal' (vs "turbo") merino and it does do a far better job of reducing wind penetration. It's very light and soft to wear but is claimed to be 15% stronger than 'normal' merino; only time will tell on this one.

According to the site and the skype help person TurboMerino has a nylon filament core and some kind of patented spinning process that aligns the merino arond it in a tight array?

I like the big front zip and the 4 rear pockets and lack of elastic on the sleeves. For free riding I love the fact it lets me move my arms and shoulders easily to get stuff from my pack.

I'd like to see other colours and a long sleeved version.

One of the Aussie forum posters 'alchemist' recommended their knicks to me so I have latched onto their handly 'JustTry Me' system and paid a deposit to try on their enduro specific knicks caled 'moabs' - it will take a lot to convert me from my Louis Garneau airgel shorts - simply amazing knicks. I'll see how they go - if they are as good as the NEO I'd be happy.

They (iRULE) seem to be online only although they now have a US agent - I found him on their contact page

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