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Due to a dislike of how things were starting to feel (she'd had a long race life under the previous owner) I decided to replace the Float RL on my Yeti ASR with an RP23.

The shock came from the Australian distributor and is valved at mid setting for Pro Pedal.

While in ProPedal off mode it feels dreamy, once Propedal is turned on, setting one makes the ride fairly notchy and harsh, setting 2 makes it downright uncomfortable and setting 3 might as well be a lockout.

I'm guessing that shock technology being what it was, the linkage arrangements in the 01 ASR probably rely on angles and rates alone to reduce bob and that the propedal settings are then "too much of the same thing". (in that they're also there to combat bob)

Best guess is that I'm looking at a custom valve job for the RP23 then? (re-valving for minimum Propedaliness)

Any thoughts (esp from any Yeti guru's who might have an idea about how the linkages were designed on the 01 ASR)

At this point, the Push option is looking like the way to go rather than just getting it re-tuned to stock settings for low ProPedal

Thanks in advance.

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