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Another happy ending history for a Turner owner:thumbsup: , this time was my turn, after I read some post about painting frames, I decided to perform a paint job over my 5Spot, when I peeled the seat stay I found a pair of craks on the brake caliper mount:mad: , I then called Turner bikes and spoke with Greg and after a very friendly chat he asked me to sent him some pics, the day after, the stay was mailed to me as a warranty replacement:D , since I am not in U.S soil, Greg´s sympathy goes even further whe he told me in order to save me some bucks and time, not to sent the part just some pics of the parts after I cut it just to be sure that the part is out of service.
No problems, no fuss, no impossible things to honor the warranty, just plain and good conversation.
I post this note because good things must be share too.

Health to enjoy your rides
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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