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tuned frame making

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i was just having a discussion with a couple of buddies. very short one though
this is with regards to making a hardtail either a roadie/ss/mtb.

say 2 indentical bikes, same geo, same maker, same material. same welding method.

1. would they feel different? a little? not at all? or depends...

so i was wondering, if the frame maker takes for example 853 steel and softly knocks on the frame with a blunt metal object and the sound produced was say a C#, so he goes with the other parts of tubing and reams them till they produced C# and puts the bike together. so frame 1 is built.

for frame 2, he finds same 853 tubing that sounds like A minor. puts together a frame completely same geometry that is made from tubing that sounds A minor,

would the ride be different? say small bump compliance? stiffness?

just wondering. out of curiousity. would any custom frame manufacturer go this way to make a frame?
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No, but...

... it would be rad to have a bike-frame (forks would work better) glockenspiel!

Long as it don't B-flat..........:D
hahaha tuning fork...

thinking aloud.
you can affect the frequency harmonics by drilling holes in the frame tubes.
that'd certainly affect the ride characteristics. :D

but yes, you CAN "tune" frame tubes with cables under high tension running through or attached to the tube, trimble did it a long time ago (IIRC), and motoczyzs (sp?) wanted to do it with their swingarms as recently as last year (again, IIRC)
what you're doing is pre-flexing the tube in a specific way, like pre-loading a spring, to induce (hopefully) favorable flex characteristics.
the structure probably WOULD have an altered pitch. because it would reverberate only with the cable and less against it, thereby altering the distance the frametube is travelling to achieve it's harmonic.

at least I think it would.
you owe me a double double extra large and two ibuprofens for that one.
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