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Feeling a little taller
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RatherBeRiding said:
Looking forward to it!
RBR - thanks for the loop suggestion and lead! Twas fun indeed!

After we split off from you, we went over to DVC and did some urban - up stairs, down stairs, up ramps, up benches, along walls, down more stairs...

I finally nailed getting up onto the big bench in the quad while still rolling with enough momentum to hit the far side and roll over a slightly taller bench. I had to go and do it again. The second time, I mashed my chain ring and knocked it out of round and slightly askew. Pimpy helped me fix it and then we headed off.

In all about 3 hours of riding time from my door back to my door with little stopping for breaks and refueling. Guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 miles.

I'll have to swap chainrings for tomorrow's 'rancho ride...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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