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Ridin' many miles...
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I pulled into the Falcon lot at 5:55AM, rweddy1 was already there getting rigged up and JasonB showed up shortly afterward. After introductions I hit the head and by the time I emerged we had been joined by miSSfit. By 6:10am we were ready to take off.

It seemed apparent that everyone was revving up to be first one to the gazebo so rather than get run over by 3 guys who are all leg and lung I got out of the way and let them go first. I was cranking but I watched those guys steadily disappear. By the time I arrived at the gazebo the all looked relaxed and well rested since they'd been there awhile. For those who are interested in relative ride times, I heard that jasonb and miSSfit made it in 33 or 34 minutes, rweddy1 in about 36ish bike computer is broken so I'm not sure...(his voice trailing off hoping no one would hear)

After hanging out and shooting the breeze at the gazebo we decided to do the Parmalee Gulch loop. Once we had talked rweddy1 into making the loop (6:AM is a late start, after all) we all took off. It wasn't much past the first switch back that miSSfit dinged his rear rim resulting in a slow leak. Rweddy1 and I took off since jason and missfit had things well under control. ( did you guys make it out alive ? )

Parmalee Gulch was in fine condition since the afternoon showers are making the trail nice and tacky. Once we emerged at the intersection of the Meadow Trail and Parmelee it was one long fast blast down to the bottom.

There was nearly no trail traffic other than a runner who ignored our polite "On your left" so it was a fast descent. By the time I got to the bottom, my hands were claws and I was picking every smooth, straight section to shake them out.

For those who are interested in how long these morning rides take:
Arrived at 6:AM, started riding at 6:10. Last rider to the gazebo before 6:50. Hung out for 15 minutes talking bikes, etc. Started for Parmelee Gulch at 7:05 and were done and back at the gazebo by 7:35(ish). Down at the bottom my 7:50, and on the roade by 8:AM.
Note, we hung out at the gazebo for on unusually long time for a morning ride.

Anyways, it was another awesome morning ride and good to meet jasonB and miSSfit this time. Hope to see more of you guys on some more rides or behind a beer.


Traffic note (to self) I left the lot just before 8:AM and had only one slow down section about Wads. The rest was 60-80mph plus and no bottleneck.
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