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I also like the Captain except the ones I had got a torn sidewall really quick. Maybe it could have happened to any tire, who knows? But my Eskars also poped from a torn sidewall.
Love the Toro in 26" thinking about these tubeless ready & made in France also considering IRD Fire xc (made in Japan by Panaracer) not tubeless ready but supposedly quite tubeless friendly.
Post up what you decide!

Rider and Wrench
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Not sure if you want "True" tubeless/tubeless ready tires but I second the Ardent 2.25's they have enough sidewall beef and seem to hold up fairly well. I mix it up and run it front or rear depending upon the trails (front for no worry dry/moderate stuff )Here are some others you might want to consider (I ride MD/PA east c stuff for reference)

Maxxis Crossmark 2.1- Fast good dry rear tire when mixed with the Ardent up front and works fine tubeless
Maxxis Ardent 2.4 this is a pretty big tire (seems like about a 2.35 on my stans Arch wheels when I just mounted it) It has taller transition & Edge knobs than the 2.25 version so would make a nice front tire but may be a beast out back for most xc/trail stuff unless your trying to add some cush to HT?
Geax Saggaro 2.2? Grippy but not too slow and also makes a nice rear in most weather but is not too light in the tubless ready version
Rampage 2.35 The closest thing to a nevegal in 29ers (IMO the 29X2.2 Nevegal is too much tire for most XC riding and kinda slow) the rampage makes a great front or rear tire but may be overkill in the rear in most conditions if you are concerned about speed I run it with an Ardent out back in the winter stuff-
WTB Weirwolf LT 2.55 really comes in at about a 2.35 or so depending on the wheels- it is a nice volume and is actually fairly fast and offers great grip front or rear in all but the slickest conditions-

It really comes down to your preference, trails, and what bike you are putting it on- I like different stuff for differnt reasons on my rigid vs my FS...

change is good
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summer - saguaros
fall, spring, winter, little sticky mud - captains
heavy (like me) captain control or rampage front, captain armadillo rear or tnt saguaros
mud - mich at, mk
all mountain - rampage
trail lite - ignitors
traction - fire xc
haven't tried - spec purgatory, ardents, choirmaster
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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