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Tubless stem problems

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I've been running a set of Stans356's tubless for about 5 months and recently changed the rear tire. I didn't unscrew the valve stem, but I'm now I've got problems with leakage at the valve stem. I've rotated the tire around so that Stan's sealant comes out from the Vstem hole but still cannot get the leak to stop. So I replaed the stem with a new, and still cannot get the stem to seat onto the rim and hold more than 20# of air. I've got the tire seated, and it'll go up to 45-50# but then leak out all the pressure. Any suggestions? I had no problems with leakage before changing to a new tire,not even a flat. Why all the problems now??
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Had a similar problem myself recently. After changing a tire, my valve stem leaked badly. Easy fix though. My problem was the shape of the gasket at the stem base. I had round gaskets which didn't quite fit into the "wheel groove" inside my Crossmax XL's. I found some online with square gaskets that are supposed to fit better, but I didn't want to spent $20 each. So, I used an Exacto blade, (any razor blade should work) and shaved the gasket to a more rectangular pattern. Hasn't leaked since-2rides. Give this a try. If you mess it up, you will have to buy a new valve stem. But it sounds like you might anyway. Nothing to lose. Hope this helps...
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