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Tubless help on my Switch 2.0

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Im interested in the tubless tire setup for my 2006 switch. What is required to do this? I have the stock mavic 325 Disc rims. Would you recommend this setup for freeride/urban use? I go off a lot of gnarly drops, just wondering how well it would hold up. Thanks!
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I set my switch 3.0 up with stans tubeless conversion kit, it works pretty well, but a compressor is a good idea to get the big tires to seat in. I like the improved traction, no more pinch flats, and loosing the big tubes has lowered the wieght of the wheels (a little bit).

I use mavic 729 rims and Maxxis minnion (2.5) tires the only tubless specific stuff is the stans kit.
I converted the Sun MTX rims on my 2005 Switch to tubeless. It's amazing! You save weigh, get more traction and never get flats. The only downsides are the minor cost and I slowly lose pressure.

I did it the ghetto method which I highly recommend. All you need is 2 BMX (20") tubes ($3 each) and a jug of Stans sealant ($20). Take your tires and tubes off your rims and stretch the 20" BMX tubes on (it's not that hard). Then slit the BMX tubes open spread them open so they are hanging off the sides of the rim. Then work your tires back on without bungling up the slit open tube (not that hard). Next you need to fill up your tires with the Stans solution and the easiest way to do this is through the valve stem. You can get special valve caps ($5 for 4) that have 2 prongs on them to remove the insides of the valve stem (aka valve core) or you can buy the tool. I use the valve caps incase I need to ad sealant on a ride. Anyways, remove the valve stem cores and use pour in the correct amount of Stans (it says on the jug). Then replace the valve core and go fill up your tires. You'll want to use an air compressor the first time to seat the bead. Your tires will likely leak a bit but just rotate them so the leak is at the bottom and then the Stans will quickly seal that. You might need to fill it up a couple times before you get all the leaks before you air runs out but it's really not that bad. Then you're supposed to go for a casual 30min ride just to soak everything with the Stans. You might need to add a few PSI in the first week as everything gets sealed but after that I just top up the pressure every month and add some stans every couple months.

I've only got a puncture once with the stans and I quickly rotated the leak to the bottom of the tire and it sealed up in about a second. I lost about 10psi but it was no problem finishing the ride. Convert to won't look back. :thumbsup:
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