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Normally use Stans Crest rims for MTB and have no complaints, as long as one keeps them in true. But they're not rated for higher pressures.

Stans Grail are good but a little narrow for MTBing.

Anyone got a recommendation for a good MTB rim that can take Gravel/road tires as well. Won't be going smaller than 28 mm tires and unlikely to go over 70 psi. Rim needs to be available in 28 holes.

The rim will be built onto a powertap hub, so I'd like it to be multipurpose. CX and gravel in winter, MTB in summer. Mostly to be used for training.

At the moment I'm looking at setting up a grail rim that should handle all pressures and just deal with having a less-optimal slightly narrower profile rear tire for XC MTB. Won't be racing on it.
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