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Ok, I got tired of waiting for the weather to break to try out tubeless. Basically, I have some Conti MK's w/ tubes on the bike right now due to the poor weather conditions and plan on putting on some WTB Nano Raptors (still need to order another one) when the weather dries up.

In any case, I pulled the tires/tubes/rim strips off (velox rim strips weighed 23 grams btw on my 29er). I enlarged the valve stem hole as directed (3/8) and put the yellow tape on. I then started mounting the Stans rim strip. I went ahead and did it this way because that is what the shop did with my last set of wheels on my 26er (they could not get the tires to seal though-SS RK's kicked their butt). I struggled with getting the stupid rim strip on the rims. Then it came to me. DUH, I was using a kit that was designed for 26" wheels and the strip was TIGHT! It went on but I don't think it was think enough in the middle from being stretched though it did come pretty close to the bead edge (maybe not as tight as it should have been). Granted I was using a floor pump but could not get the tires to fill to the initial 10 lbs. I think that even if I had my compressor hooked up that it would not have filled.

I went ahead and ordered a new kit all together since I really don't have enough sealant anyway. Should be here some time next week. I will give it another shot when I get the new kit.

1. I will put the new rim strip on first and try it since the tape is already there. If it does not hold air, Stan's says to use a standard rim tape to build up the middle. Does this mean to take off the yellow tape, run the velox and then their rubber strip?
2. Can I put the velox right over the yellow tape, and then the rubber strip?
3. About how much sealant are you putting in a 29" wheel?
a. I have heard that I can get away with using only 60 cc (roughly 1 red Stans scoop) of Slime Pro to do the job as it supposedly requires less and lasts longer than the Stans. Less liquid means less weight so this is of interest to me at this point.
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