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I'm sorry if this question has been asked before but I cannot find any info.

I'm 260 lbs., ride around the Southeast where roots, some small rocks and lots of dirt prevail. I like to jump a little 2/3 foot drops. I ride with tubes but am considering going tubeless (unless it's too much trouble/upkeep). I have had very good success with my current Specialized Purgatory and Captain tires, with tubes, but want to lose some rotational mass if it is a smart idea.

I think the Spec. tires weight around 600g each, not sure about the tubes. So could I go to a lightweight tire like RoRo/RaRa or X-King/Race-King (480ish grams) and lightweight tubes? Or would this be stupid because of my weight? Or could I set the lightweight tires up tubeless, or get a "protection" version and go tubeless?

It looks like this could potentially be 250g less rotational mass.

Thanks for any advice. I need to experiment but tires are damn expensive!!

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first off tubeless often times is not all that much lighter if at all. Second off being a heavy as you are (i'm the same weight) you don't get to run lower tire pressures like the light guys on this site, this is do to tire roll. Also you can pinch flat tubeless tires as well and it becomes likely when you start to lower the pressure to get the added tubeless advantage.

Also honestly being a bigger guy you will appreciate the larger stronger tire unless you are purely racing where the weight might give you an advantage. Lighter weight and Large volume is what us large folks need. so think more like 2.2" kenda Karma or the 2.4" WTB mutano raptor is you want to go light. I have had good luck with the karma's (i live in No. Va.) and am currently running the kenda excavators 2.35" and they are going great in just about every type of condition but they do roll kind of slow, but not too bad

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I'm 260lbs and currently running the Control versions of the Purgatory front and Captain rear tires on my 29er. I run about 27-28psi with Flow rims and most other tires I have tried like around 25-27psi. A little strange to me why the Purg and Caps like a little more pressure, but they do.

Been running tubeless for a year and a half.

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Tubeless is great - no need for UST anything unless you want more weight and proprietary stuff to feel good (when you are actually getting duped :D).

RaRa's are awesome I run a 2.4F / 2.25R with 1 layer of rim tape and 1-1/2 cups of Stan's goo. They roll like nothing else on trails and roads with plenty of traction (that's why you want 'em - sure they are light but in the grand scheme of things it is not going to make a huge difference). The 2.25 took a bit of shakin to seal up. Both tires have been flawless for months. If you tend to hit sidewalls, then you may want to consider NoNi snakeskin (2.35 is out this year) in the rear at least...
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