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Tubeless conversion - disregard double post soz

hi all

ive been running UST rims and UST wheels for a while now and I have just acquired a set of non-ust rims (AM Classic MTB 350).
I want to run stans on them and there's a few things im not sure about...
If I do a conversion using the stans kit, is it alright to mount a standard tire?

Will the sidewalls of a standard tire be alright for xc racing?

I was planning on using Maxxis Larsen TT tires.

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Great questions for Stan, or for his site. There's a ton of info there. He will answer anything that hasn't already been covered on the site.

I really like that Larsen TT. Which one are you considering for racing?
I have pairs of the 1.9K, 2.0K, 2.35.

~ Rex
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