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What exactly is the diffrence btw tube tires and tubless tires. The reason i ask is i just accidently bought a tubless tire online rather than the tubless one. Does the tubeless tire not have the bead. Can i put a tube tire on my rim w/ a tube? Or did i just blow some money and have to pay for shipping to return my tire :( .

I tried contacting the seller and letting them know b4 shipping, i would have even paided the diffrence as long as they shiped the right tire. But it was to late. Thanks for your help guys


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not to worry


Don"t worry that much.. you can run it with tubes if you want to. However UST tires are usually heavier because they have stronger sidewalls to make up for the support lost from removing the tubes.

If you use tubes on yours it will be probably be ok. however it might be a little harder to seat on a convetional rim. The UST tire bead is a little different from the common one, but it will work.

good Luck!

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