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Tube/Tire compatibility

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is a 2.125 tube compatible with a 2.2 tire? could i use them together?its a tough tube if that matters/
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the tube will work just fine. a few tenths of an inch doesnt make any difference.
does that mean i can run a 2.2 tire on a 2.125 max rim aswell?
you can use a 26" tube on a 29" wheel so definitely yes to your question
Yeah, that would work but it's more adivsable to go with as smaller tube in a larger tire than visa versa. Tubes will stretch quite a bit so a smaller tube in a larger tire is fine (up to a point) but if the tube's too much bigger than the tire size it can actually wrinkle or fold and cause a flat.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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