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Let's ride
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Come one come all. Come race the series, or just come out and upset the current standings. :)

As you can see, JustJeff has an early lead, but with 10 pts going to the winner each week, it is still wide open.

JustJeff 20 pts
Rensho 16 pts
Jeffh 12 pts
Ibikergal 10 pts
Pocket 7 pts
FoggyGoggles 4 pts

El Sereno, aka 'Sheldon's' is a nice climb, which I like better than Kennedy. It has shade, steep road sections, loose steep pitches, and cooler temps.

Meet at 6:15pm here

Park on Pennsylvania. There should be plenty of room.

Up Penn.
L-Sheldon(Google map is wrong there. Sheldon is just up Overlook about 1/2 past Madrone. There is no turning or looping before getting to Sheldon. (Sheldon is a steep uphill left U turn from Overlook.
Sheldon ends at the trailhead.
Continue sprinting through the gate and go to the top.

What would Pimpbot do?
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There's better than a coin flip's chance that I will do the climb tonight. Do we start the clock in downtown LG or once we hit dirt? How many footies? Once I have that info, I'll throw down. Otherwise, I'll call it out at the start line.

Let's ride
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Let's ride
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Beautiful day for a climb. Weather was almost perfect down below, and slightly cool up top.

New rider showed up: Dominator13.

We had the usual suspects in ibikergal, jeffh, justjeff, foggygoogle,rensho.

I moved the start from the normal timing area to throw any ringers off; a basic tactic, but it proved to work. Hell, it worked on me. ;)

The throwdown:

Dominator13 51:38
Jeffh 50:00
ibikergal 1:05:00
Justjeff 1:08:00
Foggy 39:59!
Rensho 47:00

The start:

Justjeff minute 0
ibikergal minute 2
Dominator13 minute 7
Jeffh minute 9
Foggy minute 11
Rensho minute 12

Since I would never see Foggy until the top, and he would also beat his 2,4,9,11 minute men, he gets the stopwatch.

Everyone logged a new PR on the climb, even me sandbagging. Incredible performance from the group. We saw some pretty high heart rates.


1. Rensho 46:37 = 23sec gap
2. Foggy 39:13!!! = 46sec gap
3. ibikergal 1:03:15 = 1:45 gap
4. Dominator13 49:44 = 1:54 gap
5. Jeffh 45:36 = 4:24 gap (timing mistake by me on the mtn, had jeffh 1 minute later start)
6. Justjeff 1:03:04 = 4:56 gap

Rensho...............26 pts
JustJeff...............23 pts
Jeffh...................16 pts
Ibikergal..............16 pts
FoggyGoggles.....12 pts
Pocket................7 pts
Dominator13........5 pts
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