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I've done some reading and have gotten some mixed impressions (not surprising). So I figured I'd ask point blank...

Magura TS8 vs Fox Talas 120.

Both have 32mm stanctions
Both have 120mm travel (though the talas is adjustable down to 90mm)
Both have 15mm TA
TS8 is cheaper (and supposedly lighter and stiffer), Talas is a known commodity and has travel adjustment (not a requirement, but definitely a plus)

The rest of the possible adjustments I don't really care about.

So it really comes down to the ride and the reliability. The fork is going on a steel 29er HT trailbike. I ride rough, technical trails in the northeast. I weight about 170lbs. I'm by no means a finesse rider.

I've had 2 talas in the past and I've been very happy with both, so I have no problem buying another. But trying something new is always intriguing.

Thoughts? Anyone have time on both brands and can offer a reasonable comparison?
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