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Truvativ PowerSpline left crank arm replacement

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I am attempting to replace a damaged left (non drive) crank arm from a 2008 Fuji Tahoe Pro. The bottom bracket is a 118mm PowerSpline for 68mm shell. The crank arm is a 175mm TruVative FiveD crank. Photo of the bottom bracket and the damage crank below.

I ordered a TruVative Blaze ISIS crank arm. It turns out that PowerSpline and ISIS are not the same. Woops. The mounting hole on the ISIS crank is much too big for the splines on the PowerSpline bottom bracket.

Online I can find a TruVative Blaze PowerSpline (part 11.6115.179.000). My concern is that Blaze is not the same as FiveD. Since I have already screwed up once, I would prefer not to screw up a second time.

Any advice? Thank you.
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