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Hey yall:

I have 2005 Jamis Dakota XC with the truvativ stylo cranks. I live in Florida and have only ridden in damp conditions on two occassions. On each occassion I have had trouble with chainsuck. The chain will come off the middle ring towards the outside (towards the big ring) and get sucked between the mid and big ring and then hit the chainstay. Front deraileur is not touching the chain. Anyone else have this problem? It happens when the chain is under load and when it isn't. When dry there is no problem. However, I'm moving to NC and there will be more occasions for riding in wet conditions and with the hills the load on the chain is going to be a lot higher than here in flat old Florida.

Is there a chain line issue w/ Truvativ cranks? could the frame be out of alignment?

any suggestions/ideas would be appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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