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Saturday morning at 5 am, 8 of us met at Uren St in Nevada City to be shuttled up to Truckee to attempt the nearly all-dirt ride home. By 7:30 pm Saturday night, all of us had made it to Nevada City, 12 hours of overall travel time.

There was a lot of planning involved. This wasn't the kind of ride you wake up one morning and decide to do. Dan Goldsmith, the mastermind and I combed over the maps for 4 weeks to find the best route. We made some shorter pre-runs by jeep and by bike. We also got route input from Gregg Stone (Mighty Mobile). Since we couldn't carry enough water and food for the ~12 hour trip, Dan had placed a water cache near Eagle Lakes and a truck at Lang's Crossing with real food, drinks, and other needed supplies. These decisions were crucial to the success of the trip.

HIghlights of the trip:

We started out riding from "Wild Cherries" in Truckee after force-feeding ourselves. The temperature was 28° and that first 5 miles along Donner Pass Road before the seeing sunlight was a cold one. We climbed up to I-80 then under it. From this point, it was almost completely dirt to Nevada City. We ascended the TDLT trail near ***** Canyon, then headed to Summit Lake and over to the HITG. We spent 7 miles on the HITG and at the forest road bisect headed down to Forest Route 28. We contoured along Magonigal Summit Road for about 10 miles to Fordyce Summit, hearing and seeing hunters in camo along the way. From here, we headed up to Signal Peak/Red Mountain, then descended the jeep road on the west side down to Eagle Lakes Road. (hellish babyheads) From our Eagle Lakes water cache, we crossed Fordyce Creek Bridge and headed down toward Spaulding Lake Trail (at least 2 hours of hike-n-bike) After reaching our support vehicle near Lang's Crossing around 4pm and getting some much needed food and soda. 7 of the 8 of us continued on to do the last ~25 miles to Nevada City. Stosh and Jerome made it back by 6:30pm before dark and the rest of us roll in around 7:30 pm with our lights on.
Beer and Pizza at 'Ol Republic Brewery to finish off a great day of torture.


12 hours of travel time
Actual riding time ranged from 8 hours to my 9 1/2 hours
just under 70 miles


Among the 8 of us, we only had 1 flat tire and 1 leaking tire, fixed with more stans.


Getting ready to take off from Wild Cherries Coffee Shop in Truckee

Removing winter gear after climb near ***** Canyon

Heading west toward Summit Lake

Starting up HITG

Photo op at top of HITG

Dan pointing at Signal Peak where we'll hopefully be in a few hours

The group looking North near the top of Signal Peak

From Signal Peak, looking back toward Castle Peak, where we were a few hours before

The crazy mastermind

Water Cache after brutal babyhead downhill from Signal Peak

HIke-n-bike around Eagle Lakes, This was the beginning of 2 more hours of this crap

Crossing Fordyce Creek

Food and Drink Cache near Lang's Crossing

Sunset over Scotts Flat Lake with 12 miles to go

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Very nice ride! A friend and I did almost that exact same ride years ago on our SS.....:confused: it was a hard, but a great route. There was no Upper Pioneer trail out of Bear Valley yet so we humped it up HWY 20 to the Pioneer trail, but otherwise pretty much the same route. Funny, I was riding around Grouse Ridge this weekend and thought that it would be nice to do that route again. Good to see people doing some big rides out there.

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My teammate saw this on Strava while we were heading over Donner Pass on our way to a race over the weekend. You guys are crazy! :thumbsup:
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