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Hi Everybody,
I just went for a ride with my brand new ELEMENT 70 MSL (just bought the frame) this weekend and I was really strugling shifting the rear gear, every time that the the rear supension was working the gear would start jumping. appart from that the bike is really good to ride.

Does anyone know why this is happening??
is the Chain to short? (at the moment 2 links are missing from the correct size)
can it be the cabling route? ( is there any correct correct location for the rear a front cabling route?)

I'm using
a brand new Shimano XT shadow rear derailleur
XTR cankset 22 32 44 front

thanks in advance

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It sounds like the rear derailleur cable housing may be too short.

The Element assembly manual shows both cables running off the left side of the frame under the BB.

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Geoff Kabush's mechanic routed the rear cable over the pivot and down through the yoke just behind the pivot to the cable stop on the chainstay. That looks the neatest to me.

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