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Has anyone else had trouble with their 6' hayes comps on their 04 GF 293? My calipers seem to line up too close to the inside radius of the rotor. Problem: 1. While braking, pad grabs part of rotor spoke causing intermittent contact which causes shutter. 2. Spring clip that holds and retracts pad comes in contact with outside radius of rotor, gets grinded/lathed away by rotor and then fails to keep pad retracted from rotor which in turn destroys pad and rotor. The problem is front and rear. Yes, I've got the special GF rear adaptor
It seems, either my adaptors are wrong, the disc tabs are wrong, or the calipers are wrong. Can I just put spacers in between the calipers and adapters? Sent everything back to Hayes once already and they sent back new pads and rotors under warranty.Thanks Hayes. But still have same alignment problem.
Anybody got any ideas?
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