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Trouble with a loose 1.5" headset.

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I'm running a 1.5" Pig FSA headset, 1.5" Totem, and a 1.5" Thomson 4x stem, and three 5mm interlocking spacers (one below the stem, two on top).

After nearly every run down the mountain there is a little play in the headset.

Yes, I crank down the top cap before tightening the stem bolts. Yes, there is a gap between the top cap and the stem (actually headset spacer that I'm running on top)....What I'm I missing?

I'm gonna pull the headset apart later, but everything was installed correctly.

An ovalized headtube doesn't seem possible yet, but I'll measure it with a pair of calipers.
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Check your stem bolts are tight enough. And your star in the fork could be slipping, has it gotten higher up after you tightened it. The star shouldn't really matter after you get it tight the first time if the stem didn't slip
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