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I've searched as best I can through previously posts, but haven't found any help for this problem. I've got a 2006 Rush 2000 and the fork has just never been quite right. It lost air and then the oil showed up. I live in a rather remote country, Laos, and thus took the fork off and had it sent to Hong Kong for a 'full service.' They said there were no problems with it, but they cleaned it up and serviced it. Upon its return all seemed well for about two months. Now it is again losing pressure when left a few days, and there is again a bit of oil. There is a Cannondale dealer in Bangkok, but they have proven unreliable for repairs in the past, and as the Hong Kong Shop failed I really don't want to take it back there either.

Anyone else suffer this fate? Any suggestions on how to remedy it? I spoke to Cannondale rep. and they offered to look into it, but that was a few months ago. At this point I'd be willing to ship it back state side to have it sorted properly. That said, the postal system here is dreadful. I have a lefty ELO on a f-3000 and it's been rock solid for years. I could swap it over while this one gets fixed. Please help!

I should note in the past the pressure would drop to 80-90. Now it's dropping to 40ish. I am a 175 pound rider with gear, don't do drops or anything severe, just cross country.
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