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I'm exhausted and frustrated on this. Please help..

After several broken spokes, I was told my rear wheel needed replaced. I live in rural MO and the one LBS acted like they didn't have time for me so here I am trying to figure this out for myself. I did a ton of research but apparently not enough because I'm in the process of returning the first replacement wheel I bought (148 is too wide).

This is the frame I'm riding:

I finally figured out that my dropout is 142mm (or maybe 142+?). The old wheel was somehow 135mm and I don't understand how that worked out, but I bought the bike used as a "custom build." oops.

The drivetrain is a 2x10 Shimano XTR.

Using calipers, I found the through axle measures 158mm in length from the inside of the shoulder to the beginning of the threads, then it has 9mm of fine threads (I know they're fine because I'm also returning a through axle...)

I recently upgraded to 2.3" tires so I'd like a rear wheel optimized for this tire width (looks like 30mm). I have 6-bolt disc brakes.

Which wheel do I need? Would I be better off going to 1x11 drivetrain while I'm at it? or 1x12? is this even possible?

I am so confused - it seems every manufacturer measures things differently and I can't find any 142/Shimano/29. I really just want to get back on the trail.

This is the one I might try next, but I need a little more confidence before I end up going through the whole return process again:

Thank you so much for your expertise.

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It's a 142mm wide hub or the same shell as 135 with a thru axle. You can easily get a hub from Hope, DT Swiss or Bike Hub Store.

OR you could cut all the spokes out and use your hub even though that wouldn't be my first choice as Specialized doesn't build their wheels with the best hubs.

The only difference between 142 and 142 plus is the spoke flanges are spread out slightly more on the plus.

I just opened your Jenson link. Don't buy any complete wheel from Stan's. Their hubs suck red monkey ass.

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The specs on your bike read 142+. To get the wider spoke angle the hub flange is shifted slightly along with the frame. A regular 142 hub will work fine, but you will need to adjust your derailleur to the shifted cassette. If your hub is still good and you don't want to spend much send the hub to a wheelbuilder and get a new rim and spokes installed.
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