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Wow! Great way to work my way through my cup of morning liquid consciousness.
Some incredible bike handling skills. I like the jump and slide maneuvers at about the 3:20 mark.

Thanks for the movie.


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Wow Pete, best film ever. Thanks alot .

Great edit, with good tunes. It gave the feeling of how steep it was on the rock or slippery section, where you showed multiple riders attemps. The trees slapping the crud outta you was nice segment.

Thanks Norway locals too.
Pete said:
I finally was able to edit all of the footage from the rides we did around Trondheim. It's 12 minutes.

Two versions:

lower quality (65mb):

Higher quality (155mb):

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Good stuff, Pete - as always. The lower part of Goat Hill with the narrow trail and dense foilage looks so good. According to Jorgen, Hans Rey let out a big "YEAAAHHH!" down that section. Jorgen was totally in a cloud when they got down on the highway, and Hans patted him on the shoulder and said "Good riding, buddy!"

I feel privileged to be able to ride any of those trails on my lunch break.


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The steep stuff is steeper than it looks...

Jeh, I'm the guy with the big crash :)
But I cleaned it also :-D

It's all good!


mtbbill said:
Quite some steep stuff you guys were riding. Some of it looked almost vertical.
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