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Tripple H in Sedona

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Congradulations to Singletrack for completing the Tripple Crown in Sedona this week. Most riders (out-of-state especially) have a real rough time these three beauties. Of course, Colorado has some pretty fair trainning grounds. :thumbsup:

Day #1: High on the Hogs (and other add-on trails)
Day #2: H ... E trail (long'ish' loop)
Day #3: Hangover (the vacation version)

We didn't stop for the camera thing, but I am wondering which were your favorite ... Rank, order and why?

It was great to hook up with you over a few days and look forward to your parting thoughts and parting shots. Best of luck on the rest of the journey. Maybe we can hook up again this July/August at the Butte !!>??<!!
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Nice Zul, all in one day or one a day? My little group has done 2 in a day twice, but all 3 in a day is a toughfy. Did you get any beer for your work :).
Pay it Forward


Thanks for showing the out of state rider(s) several of the best trails we have in the inventory. Many riding destinations are unwilling to show the goods to Tourons and in Sedona we should all try and give riders their monies worth when we can.

Joel can ride. No doubt.

The Sedona Triple H is on my list and I will be more than happy to accept TD's $200 offer to ride with him.:thumbsup:
I'm all for showing our visitors around in proper style. And yes, there was some beer involved as compliments ;) .

This was done over the course of a few days but I will deffinately do it up in a single day and a ham sandwich on the side this early Spring. Probably in February. So far as I know, it's only been done by Chalkpaw in a single day and he did use the road to connect.

Can't wait to report on that one. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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