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Stopped by my LBS yesterday to scrounge the brake parts bin for a part for my Scott Pederson SE brakes I was going to put on this build. So far I had built the whole thing with a $5 fork and parts I had lying around. However, I found a complete set of M-900 XTR cantilevers in the bottom of the shop's parts bin. Gave them $10, ditched the Pedersons, and now I have $15 invested in my first SS. Supposed to be near 50 here tomorrow, so I am looking forward to the maiden voyage.

I think most of this stuff oon this bike quailfies as vintage:

Marin Team Frame (Tange Ultimate tubing)
cheap Trek take-off fork
WTB Grease guard headset
Cheap generic bars
Control Tech stem
Control Stix bar ends
Dia-Compe SS-5 levers
XTR M-900 brakes
Thompson post
Flite Saddle
XT M-730 Front Hub
RM-17 Front Rim
LX M-530 Rear Hub
RM-20 Rear rim
Suntour XC-pro pedals (Pre grease guard- superbe pro w/ mtn cages)
Power Grips
400LX crank w/ XT chainring
400LX rear der.
Tioga MudDawg rear tire
Spec Ground Control S front tire

P.S. Anybody know the year on this Marin Team frame?


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floibex said:
... 1995 I would say. nice find.

Thanks for the info, flo.

bushpig said:
How does it ride? From looking at it, IMHO the chain could be a little longer. I know that it is a S/S, but I think a longer chain would make for a smoother drivetrain feel.
Thanks for the input. I'll try it out today and see how it feels. It looked a little more slack with the 18 tooth cog on there, but the 21 tightened it up a bit. I am just too much a wuss to push a 36/18 up the hills we have on the Colorado Front Range.
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