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My buddy and I are taking a "guys" trip to CO. He has a condo in Keystone and we're looking at getting in on a Wednesday and get 2 full days of riding (Thurs and Fri).

I was hoping to hit easy XC trails in Keystone Wednesday afternoon, then hit Winter Park Thursday, then Keystone Friday.

I would really appreciate any input from you locals or anyone familiar with Keystone area.

Keep in mind, we are from FL (below sea level) so we don't have anytime to acclimate for tough climbing - lungs might explode! Also, since we don't have any mountain terrain down here, any drop over 5-ft is out of the question, as I'd like to enjoy this trip on a bike and not in a hospital!

To give you an idea, we've ridden Nantahala NC (Tsali), Moab UT (Amasa Back, Porc Rim, LaSal Mtns), Jackson WY (Bridger-Teton NF) and Bend OR (Deschutes River Trail), so I'd say we have solid technical skills and experience. No DH/FR stuff though...

If there is anything comparable to the "epic" ride of Porc Rim, please point us in the right direction!
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