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Trip Planning- AM biking and Whitewater Kayaking

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Im looking to plan a trip where I can bike and whitewater kayak.

Trip requirements:
Under an 8 hour drive from Indiana
Whitewater kayaking around a class III - III+
Solid AM or light FR trail. I would also be open to a technical flowy xc trail

Any recommendations would be great, thanks
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I have an info

I used to live in the pa wva area and there is plenty of whitewater in your range. not too sure on the milage, but I imagine the Lower yough in PA has a great mixture of paddling and riding to keep you satisfied.

You should post this message at There should be plenty of ideas for padding destinations within your driving bubble. Look at it this way, anyplace mountainous for paddling surely is steep enough for allmountain riding. Good luck.
Consider western NC. You can hit great whitewater and ride Tsali and other trails throughout the area. Post question up in the North/South Carolina section and get details.

Rotorua, New Zealand - short drive (to the airport) then the flights a bit of a killer but great riding and paddling:D
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