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Figured "hey why not try it out and see if I like it then register to race!" - my enthusiasm came to an abrupt halt when I reached the starting line and turned the 1st corner. Lol. It was apparently one of the steeper Super D courses (in southridge-Fontana, ca). I literally I clipped and unclipped so much that I'm sure I walked about 95% of the course. Even the guys who were seasoned racers were like "man, that was a steep and technical course for Super D". It was very similar to the Downhill course they had for the other race. Needless to say, even with armor on....I won't be risking it in the future. If I ever do race it will be XC.

You downhill / Enduro peeps are legitimately crazy :) I wish I could be :(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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