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I just wanted to start a tribute page to the person that helped me get start riding. I wouldn't be as healthy or happy as I am now if he hadn't got me a bike and took me on our first ride. I've been so lucky because he has been so patient with me and supportive of me. I only wish I could duplicate him so that all women got the attention and support like he gives. We have now been riding together since 2007 and I love it. I have made good friends through this new sport/hobby/lifestyle and look forward to the new ones I will make. This page is open to everyone who wants to write about how they started riding or to show a little appreciation to their riding partners.

He has got skill :) I wouldnt try half the stuff I do if he didnt do it first.

Oh Yea!


He once spent 2 hours teaching me to wheelie..he is a saint:)

Us together on our first ride of 2010

A couple pictures of me on stuff I wouldnt be riding if it werent for him

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