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Trials handlebar okay for a trail bike?

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I am building a rigid singlespeed right now. I am currently running a WIDE riser bar. It is 28" wide and I love it. I am looking to move to a flat bar and would like to get something just as wide or wider. I would also prefer a silver handlebar. One of the few I have found that fits this bill is the Echo Urban Bulge bar.

I know some guys are running this bar off-road and some say it is okay. Others say that a trials bar on a trail bike is not a good idea. I would like to get the input of the group here. Please provide me with your opinions. Thanks in advance for your input. I would prefer to not start a flame war here, so please keep your answers to the point and avoid personal attacks. Thanks.
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If it's comfortable for you, use it.
Looks good.

I agree with CTD, if it works for you , why not ?

Lets face it, it won`t break ! :)
Watch out! You will have to go down the trail hopping on your rear wheel! :yikes:

It is just a handlebar and plenty strong enough.
Yep, no issue. DHers started using them a couple of years back. Now there are a few dedicated DH flat bars that are also wide. Only issue I could see is that they might feel a bit stiff if you are accustomed to the flex in your current bars.
Hahahahahahaha. I can't bounce like a trials guy. Wish I could, but I can't.

My current bars are aluminum now too, so I don't think that should be a huge issue for me.
Trees like to grab onto really wide handlebars, is the only real issue AFAIK.
Thanks for the input fellas. I will let you know how it turns out.
i just started using a soma odin. its flat, plenty wide (about 28.5") and has a little backsweep.
Oh my gawd! I have a trials bar on my bike, I am doomed, I am doomed......

But boy, do I have fun!

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Thanks for the input again. I'll post pictures when I am done.
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