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I have 2022 XCal 8 am facing numbness and fatigue on my hands and wrists almost after each ride.

I decided to do some upgrade hoping that will help on these problems. I am changing the stock handlebar, stem and grips with;
  • OneUp 20mm rise carbon fiber handlebar
  • Industry 9 A 35 Stem
  • Ergon GA3 Large Grips

I just wanted to know is this going to make significant change on my ride beside helping on my problem ?

Changes will be;
  • The stock handlebar 15mm rice new one is 20mm
  • Current stem is 90mm long and +6 degree new one will be 50mm long and +7 degree
I am ok with slightly upright sitting position and sorter reach. Exception to be more comfortable both on my sitting position and less problems on my hand.

Please share your comments.
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