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Trek vs Specialized

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They both have extremely an extremely similar parts spec and warranty.

There are a few discrepancies in the geometry between them, but nothing too huge.

Ride both and choose the one you prefer.
None. I would recommend Scott Scale 29er.
unfortunately that scott bike is 250 bucks more which is too much.
I just had to make the same decision and went with the Marlin. Both bikes are similarly equipped, the Trek has a lockout, the Spec does not, the Trek is an 8 speed where the Spec is 7, those 2 things swayed me to the Marlin. And I think that blue is a lil too much even tho I am a huge Magic fan lol. If I had to do it over again I would have sprung for the Mamba, for the better fork and components, The Scott that was mentioned above is a nice deal as well.

One thing about the Trek GF hardtails is that the Marlin frame is the same as the $2100 Paragon, so upgrading components later on makes a lil more sense, where I consider the Hardrock a strictly beginner bike.

Here's my bike with new grips, pedals and saddle...

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Sound logic. Good luck with the bike!
You really have to ride them and compare for yourself to be sure. I had toe overlap problems on the Spec Hardrock. The GF Marlin frame seemed to be more upgrade-worthy than the Felt Trail, although I liked the fit and feel of both (although I liked the hadling of the Marlin a bit better). They all have similar component specs and I ended up going with the Marlin, but it took riding all three to be sure.
FYI the Marllin frame is not the same as the Paragon. The marlin frame is the same as the X-caliber. Paragon has bress fit BB and tapered head tube. According to my LBS the Paragon frame alone is almost 1/2 lb lighter than the x-cal so there could be some other differences as well.

Either way the Marlin, Mamba, x-cal all have a very nice frame that can handle upgraded compenents well.

Whatever you have or get, ride it and enjoy it.
Just ride the hardtails in your price range at the LBS and pick the one that fits you the best.
I also recently got the Marlin, I was hesitant to buy a bike I couldn't test first, and the Marlin felt great at the LBS. I often ride on the road to get to trails, so the lock-out was something I wanted. It seems like a decent bike for the price range, which I can either sell or upgrade later. Like the others said though, get whichever feels best!
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