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Hello, just ordered a 2019 Trek Stache 5 (21.5). I’m looking to get some accessories for it, such as a water bottle holder and small back to throw a wallet and keys into etc... also a good bar mount phone holder for my iPhone 6 Plus with otter box. What are the best ones? Thanks

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Most will recommend a Camelbak or similar to carry water, multi tool, and tire repair kit.

For bottles Camelbak Podium Chill are awesome.

I hate a backpack but use it during group rides, when I'm alone (90% of the time) I go packless.

Saddle bag has tube/levers

Frame bag: snack, multi tool, tubeless bacon, keys, a few bucks just in case.

2 water bottles.

My phone does go on the handlebar, and I use Quadlock, but I use a cheap Metro pcs phone for cycling.
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