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More Trek show PIX (kinda dissapointing...)

Well I just got back. Unfortunately the Sugar replacement (supercaliber) is still in the works. However they did have a plastic model of the 26in version which will be identical to the 29er. It is "supposed" to be available by late february, and they will be reproducing the sugar till then since there is still demand. They also added a model called the Cobia which will be a step below the x-cal. anyways heres the pics I got (pm me with an email addy if ya want the huge fullsize pics of any of these)

plastic 26in version of the supercal





If this were only a 29er...

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I like the carbon rigid fork

gunsworth said:
Oh ya, there were also a crap load of entry model 29ers with some skinnier tires and more comfotable geometry, but they were nothin too special so I didnt get any pics
Is that the fork that was origionally going to be on the Rig? Will it be an option, or available aftermarket at least?
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