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Hello everyone,

Will get right to it,bought a Trek Marlin 7 2018 - Trek Marlin 7 (2018) Specs model end of 2017, barely rode it, then had issues with pedal cranks and it making an almost pop / click feel on a down stroke on one side so it sat in my garage almost all of last year cause it just annoyed me being a new bike.

Cut the story short, bike shop had it in 3 times over the last month, we swapped to some new HG pedals, that helped, replaced something in the pedal bottom enclosure they figure was bad from the factory, but still in small to small gear, it happens a bit, but not as much.

Bike shop said this is an issue usually caused by Cross Chain. So read up on that and with 3 crank rings, can be common. Was interesting, never had heard of it before.

Since I want to really use my bike and get out more, an option I was told could be to get a single or at least a double crank ring and replace the one I have on the bike.

Further reading though takes me into possibly needing a new chain, or rear gear part swaps and so on and so on.

Wanted to pick the experts brains on my possible options as all of this is very new to me!
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